Take a Revealing, Actionable Look inside Your Customer Management Operations  

Alorica Analytics is our four-year, award-winning data management and analysis platform that ensures your operations are measured, managed, and optimized to meet your business goals, whether your goal is to reduce costs, increase revenue, or improve efficiency.

With this state-of-the-art platform, you get an accurate, focused, and highly revealing look into your customer management operations.

Driving consistent, high-quality performance throughout your operations, Alorica Analytics provides visibility into each individual, team, campaign, and program performance against set business goals. It offers insight into historical performance and drives performance improvement initiatives.

Alorica Analytics benefits include:

  • Enhanced service experience for your customers
  • Increased service performance
  • Customer insight — voice of the customer
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Management oversight

Features include:

  • Dashboard which provides a quick snapshot of KPIs for a campaign
  • Drill-down capabilities by site, team, or individual agent
  • Consolidation of customer data from multiple systems including switch, workforce management, CRM  systems, and others
  • Role-based multi-level security
  • Ability to determine frequency of data updates on a per-campaign or per-source level

Customer Interaction Solutions announced that Alorica has been awarded the 2012 Product of the Year Award for Helix and Alorica Analytics — for the third and fourth consecutive years, respectively. “For 15 years, CUSTOMER has recognized the most ground-breaking products through this prestigious award honoring the most deserving companies. We are proud to honor the greatest achievements in the advancement of customer experience management, CRM and contact center technologies in 2012,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

With the data it collects and analyzes, Alorica Analytics empowers you to understand and analyze data, convert that analysis into smart business decisions and run your business proactively.